Big and bulky
Big and bulky, most pages are over 1MB in size.
Light and FAST!.
Weeks or Months to configure & deploy
Ready in 8 Minutes.
Ready in 30 Seconds!
Labor intensive set-up process often requires outside consultant
Configuration required, but better than Salesforce
Just add users and leads. Then watch your business grow!
Training & adoption challenges
Concept can be harder to understand, but easier than Salesforce
No learning curve for users. What you do is what we've created for you.
Complicated and expensive pricing
$15 per user per month
As low as $15 per month! As high as $35 per month.
One year minimum contract
Month-to-month flexibility
Month-to-month flexibility
Pay extra for support
No charge
No charge for amazing support
Data storage limits per user or group
no data storage limits
Unlimited data storage
Tedious and limited data exporting
Easy exports - your data is your data
One click Export
$125 per user per month extra for API usage. Even at our lowest plan of $15 you get 5 users, that would be $625 for you just to be able to use their API.
Open API for developers
Simple to use API
Can't make sales within CRM
Can't make sales within CRM
We have made it possible for you to make sales directly from your CRM. You must have a merchant account, see our Products page for details on who we support.
Tons of features
All the features most sales teams need
All the features most sales teams need. We can always add more if we missed anything.